Beyond the Ordinary: Tailor-Made Holidays for Exclusive Travelers

Going beyond the ordinary is what separates discerning travelers from the average holidaymaker. If you would like to enjoy a vacation that offers a more luxurious experience than you would expect of a typical resort and hotel holiday package, then…

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How to Find the Best Apartments in St. Barth

If you’re planning a move to St. Barth, one of the most important things on your to-do list is finding the right apartment. With picturesque views, pristine beaches, and a vibrant local community, St. Barth offers some of the most…

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Comoros Islands touristic destinations

How the Comoros Islands have become one of the best touristic destinations?

The islands are enchantingly scattered along the beautiful Indian Ocean and feature steep volcanic mountains and low hills. Le Karthala is believed to be the highest point on the Island, standing at 2,360 meters. The recent directive by Bashar Kiwan to foster…

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à visiter au Mexique

Les endroits incontournables à visiter au Mexique

C’est toujours un réel plaisir de pouvoir voyager et de se procurer  de beaux souvenirs en étant de retour de son voyage. Au Mexique, récapituler en quelques lignes sa diversité serait impossible. On passe de forêts denses en montagne de…

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a holiday

What about a holiday in the mighty French island of Ile de Re?

How about an apartment in Ile de Re in order to enjoy a relaxing vacation stay in the French Poitou-Charentes’s region where great secrets and large heritage are awaiting you. You can book online and judge by yourself by having…

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La Flotte en Re

Spend the geatest of vacation stays in the French village of La Flotte en Re!

Why not go to La Flotte en Re for your next summer holiday break? Try to visit this beautiful Ile de Re village and enjoy some wonderful time with its locals. To do so, you can book a holiday rental here…

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Try a holiday break in France, more precisely in Saint-Clement des Baleines!

Why don’t you think about visiting the one and only France and spend some wonderful time in one of its beautiful sunny islands? Saint Clement is a unique destination in the country and is one of the most attractive villages…

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