Try a holiday break in France, more precisely in Saint-Clement des Baleines!


Why don't you think about visiting the one and only France and spend some wonderful time in one of its beautiful sunny islands? Saint Clement is a unique destination in the country and is one of the most attractive villages of the famous island of Ile-de-Re. To get ready for your stay there, you can take a look at this website specialized in holiday rentals in Saint-Clement  :

Villa rental in Saint Clement des Baleines

If you opt for a villa rental in Saint Clement des Baleines, you certainly can’t avoid a visit to the famous lighthouse Le Phare des Baleines, a 31 meter high tower with a monumental staircase. From the top of the lighthouse, you can enjoy a magnificent view of the whole island of Ile de Re and especially the Antioche sluice, a famous La Charente Maritime strait separating Ile de Re from the island of Oléron. You can also enjoy a beautiful view of the salt marshes, the village of Loix and that of Les Portes en Ré. Finally, from the moment you rent a villa in Saint Clement, you will have the chance to benefit from the numerous activities at your disposal on the Conche and Petit Bec beaches, where surfers on holiday in Ile de Ré come and look for the highest waves. Staying at Saint Clement is thriving in a whole new atmosphere emerging from the tip of the island; a very pleasant one for those who love living in the city. And it is also the main reason why, for many tourists, a holiday stay in Ile de Ré rhymes with a villa rental in Saint Clement des Baleines.

Rent a villa in Saint clement as soon as the chance presents itself

It’s true that some vacationers are still very reluctant to go for a villa rental in Saint Clément des Baleines. Actually, the village has both a friendly image, that of the tip of Ile de Re, calm and away from the hustle and bustle of its center, on the other hand, this reputation is somewhat detrimental to it since vacationers fear being relatively far from everything taking place on the island. It has to be said that in winter, there are not many tourists in the village; therefore, you can rent a villa in Saint Clement without any problem. While winters are harsh and shops, the little there remain, are not necessarily open every day, once spring shows up, Saint Clement des Baleines returns to life and then visitors can particularly appreciate being very close to La Conche beach. So cast out any prejudice and don’t hesitate to go for a villa rental in Saint Clement des Baleines whenever the opportunity presents itself, you will not be disappointed! As for the refractories, you must know that it is indeed possible to spend a vacation in a holiday rental in Ars en Ré, an apartment in Saint Martin de Ré or even a cottage in Ridevoux very close to La Rochelle!

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