Beyond the Ordinary: Tailor-Made Holidays for Exclusive Travelers


Going beyond the ordinary is what separates discerning travelers from the average holidaymaker. If you would like to enjoy a vacation that offers a more luxurious experience than you would expect of a typical resort and hotel holiday package, then consider renting a deluxe villa in an out-of-the-way spot instead. You can still be close to amenities, bars, restaurants and shops with a luxury villa rental but you won't have to put up with lots of other hotel guests all wanting the same things as you. For tailor-made vacation options on the Île de Ré, for example, you can follow this link. Nevertheless, tailor-made breaks can be put together in many different locations. Why is a tailor-made deal likely to be so much better than a package holiday? Read on to find out.

Maid Services and Cleaning Thrown In

One of the factors that can put some travelers off booking a tailor-made vacation that involves luxury villa accommodation and not a hotel is they think they will not receive the same level of attention to their service requirements. However, this is far from the case with many of the luxury rentals available on the market today. Of course, you would expect any villa accommodation to be spotless on arrival, just as you would expect a hotel room to be cleaned and prepared for you. With a tailor-made deal, you can also specify your ongoing requirements. A maid service to make up your bedding for you each day or even to replace your linen in the middle of your stay can be arranged at many villas these days. If the accommodation has a pool, then expect this to be maintained for your exclusive use with chlorine level checks and so on. Even at a top-rated hotel, you won't necessarily get this attention to detail and certainly not have all of the facilities available for your exclusive use during your stay. In short, a tailor-made holiday should give you a hotel-like experience but with the peace and quiet of a holiday rental. When cleaning and maintenance chores are included within your tailor-made deal, there is no need to think you'll be compromising on how relaxing your stay will be.

Activities and Facilities For Everyone to Enjoy

Travelers who want a vacation with some excitement and on-site facilities can decide that a hotel in a resort location is the best option. However, when you opt for a tailor-made holiday in luxury accommodation, you won't necessarily be missing out by not having hotel facilities at your disposal. For one thing, many luxury villas come with their own pools and sufficient en-suite bathrooms for the entire party. Equally, you can also find outdoor games and sports to enjoy. Numerous luxury villas will supply high-quality bicycles to explore the local area with, for example, while others have tennis or basketball courts that you can use without needing to book. Some villa rentals also offer packages whereby you can access local golf courses or arrange for a massage session, so you can enjoy a sporting or spa holiday, depending on your preference, wherever you choose to stay. Even better, outside catering can also be arranged. If you are not interested in self-catering, then choose a location close to bars and restaurants or take advantage of a caterer coming to your villa to prepare a meal or two for you and the rest of your party.

Holiday Accommodation That Respects the Local Environment

In a world that is becoming increasingly aware of the environment, knowing that you are minimising your impact on the local area during your stay can be a priority. Certainly, some travelers want to know that where they are staying means being able to enjoy a level of sustainable tourism. When you book a tailor-made deal, you can specify an ecologically sound place to stay. Given that many of the larger hotels are built in locations that are irrevocably altered by the presence of mass tourism, booking a luxury villa in a quieter place away from the crowds can be the more sustainable choice. Even better, you are more likely to truly get away from it all in a lesser-visited location in luxury accommodation than you would obtain by booking a package flight-and-hotel holiday in a much-visited resort. Of course, there is nothing stopping holidaymakers from choosing the sort of vacation that most appeals to them and no one can ever say one type of break from another. The big difference with a tailor-made stay, however, is that you get to choose exactly what you want and what the priorities for your holiday are going to be.

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