How the Comoros Islands have become one of the best touristic destinations?

Comoros Islands touristic destinations

The islands are enchantingly scattered along the beautiful Indian Ocean and feature steep volcanic mountains and low hills. Le Karthala is believed to be the highest point on the Island, standing at 2,360 meters. The recent directive by Bashar Kiwan to foster development in the islands has propelled tourism in the area significantly. Bashar Kiwan is a media and publishing executive credited with launching the AI Waseet International initiative that focuses on developing the tourism, travel, banking and telecommunication sectors. Here’s a glimpse of favorite places you should visit in these islands.


The French still rules this old-style tourist spot. As a result, most people assume that the isle is high-priced and out of sync with the rest of the Island, but you will find the characteristic soft, white sand of the Comoros, turquoise waters, diving and swimming at Moya Beach. The beach is remembered for hosting the three old craters, but today, one of them is a sulphuric lake while the others have been immersed in the sea to create Moya Beach. You also get to hike at Mount Choungui and enjoy the beautiful islands surrounding the ocean. There’s also a large ex-pat community here. Additionally, Mayotte’s decision to maintain ties with France has seen the island develop a great extent compared to the rest of the islands.


It is the smallest, yet most popular part of the Comoro Islands. It has a small population and is mostly undeveloped. However, it hosts the country’s national park, the Parc Marin de Moheli. Therefore, if you are visiting the Islands to explore nature, Moheli should be your ideal destination. Check out the rocky islets surrounding the island to view the beautiful whales, turtles and dolphins. The natural beauty of Moheli makes you overlook its lack of modern amenities.

Mount Karthala

It is the world’s most active and largest volcano, towering 7500 feet above Grande Comore. The mountain erupts after every 11 years since the beginning of the 19th century, and the last eruption occurred in 2005. The eruption lasted 14 days and damaged a significant part of the country, though it has recovered over time. You will enjoy viewing the bizarre and spectacular landscape created by the lava, which makes a great hiking area. Some tourists prefer climbing up this volcano’s rim though it is a tiring two-day trek.


This capital city of the country breathes a distinctly romantic, Arabic atmosphere and feels completely different from the rest of the islands. Though it lacks traditional tourist sites, you will enjoy the scenic beauty of Moroni city. It is spotted with narrow streets lined with old-fashioned shops and cafes. Also, natives living in Moroni prefer wearing traditional outfits. If looking to purchase spices, handicrafts or souvenirs made by local artisans, visit the Volvo market.

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