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There are three distinct areas of mountains namely the Atlantic Pyrenees, the central Pyrenees and obviously the eastern Pyrenees. These mountainous areas are revealed rich in essential characteristics like many mountain streams, the famous mountain streams, the high altitude and scarcity of passes or the number of cirques (Gavarnie, Troumouse Litor and Marcadau example ).

For lovers of hiking or aficionados of the climb, the Pyrenees offer routes out of the ordinary, idyllic reliefs. It is this natural heritage conceals dozens of peaks familiarly roughly the blue sky. It is moreover difficult to sort all. But still include the most famous in the French, European and global level as the peak Marboré Montcalm and peak or peak Loustu to over 3000 m. A level below peak but still very high there are the peaks of Ardiden, Palas, Midi d'Ossau and du Midi or the Canigou Anie, Three Lords and other Gar Orhy, etc .... It's the same for the long list of diverse and varied massive equally present from west to east, covering the territory like the Vignemale, Corbières, the Luchonnais, Arbailles, Monte Perdido or Posets. Obviously these were massive, as the peaks and summits not cited as one counts from the edges of the Mediterranean to the shores of the Atlantic Ocean ... If therefore proves impossible to mention all of these mountain peaks, out of a batch proves too complicated. However some may deserve more the look when you come, summer or winter, enjoy the places to enjoy a pleasant holiday. Caution, however, is not improvised mountain swallower like that! Then we can discuss the Pic du Midi de Bigorre famous for the presence of its astronomical observatory. The Pic du Midi d'Ossau, whose evocative shape reminds one of a tooth, for its part culminates in some 2884 m and offers a clear day a breathtaking view of the lakes Ayous and surroundings. Finally, unthinkable to miss the Cirque de Gavarnie, one of the stars of the Pyrenees National Park, classified since 1987 as World Heritage of Humanity by Unesco. Onsite tourists will have eyes only for the great Astazou peak, the peak of Marboré, the peak of the eastern waterfall tower Gavarnie, Gavarnie helmet and peak Taillon. They also marvel at the waterfall high of 422 m Gavarnie.

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