Go on an adventure in a converted van!

a converted van

Published on : 09 February 20172 min reading time

To travel differently and discover a country where nature is the main attraction, bypass the budget hotels with a converted van. A practical and unique solution, to rent or to tinker yourself.

Most handymen can, of course, engage in the complete transformation of a van to incorporate one or more beds. For those who want a turnkey solution, there are companies who are responsible for renting vans fully equipped for your vacation. The WeVan sites and Van BlackSheep are part and offer vehicles for four or five people with beds, plus a kitchenette and dining area. The roof is raised for comfort. It is often even possible to create an outdoor space for dinners under the stars. In addition, the van left with a reasonable size for travel the roads without problems and park easily, even in the city. For rates, costs around 700 euros for a week road trip with a package of 1500 km.

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Where to park?

If traveling by van abroad, inquire well about the laws regarding parking and camping with such a vehicle in order not to be illegal. In France, you can, of course, reserve a space at a campground. The Wild camping, it is not totally banned in France, but subject to many constraints. It is thus forbidden to camp in the forests and parks classified as “wooded areas to keep” on roads and paths and in public, on specific order. Learn to avoid unpleasant surprises. Finally, like the camper, the van is a rather economical solution, provided you travel to a country where gasoline is not expensive.

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