The therapeutic virtues of diamonds in lithotherapy


The word lithotherapy is derived from two Greek terms. They are lithos and therapeia. Litho is a Greek word for stone, and therapeia is a Greek word for care. Therefore, according to the meaning of the Greek words, Litho therapy is a care method that uses stones. Lithotherapy is a technique of energy healing that uses the fundamentals of a wide range of incorporated techniques into one. It offers the benefits of techniques like massage, meditation, auric cleansing, and energy bodies with healing properties. In simple terms, lithotherapy is an alternative mode of medication that uses energy and colours from different crystals and minerals. Different cultures employ the use of a variety of minerals and crystals in various healing therapies. The types of stones used depend on the country and its culture. Different natural stones and minerals have various healing properties since prehistoric times. Traditionally, stones were utilized in rituals and ceremonies because they were believed to be sources of power and enhance fertility. Ancient Egyptians would wear the stones in jewellery or powder form to help them prosper in different endeavours and assist with health issues like stomach aches. In the Middle Ages, alchemists would use precious and semi-precious stones to treat diseases. For instance, emerald was used to treat liver diseases because it was green, like bile colour and diamond is used for relieving mental issues.

Benefits of lithotherapy

Lithography is associated with numerous benefits. For instance, it helps to foster harmony between different elements of the body while energizing and revitalizing the whole being. It is also believed to help treat issues like tension, emotional blockage, and other problems related to negative energies. Treating these issues helps protect the body from diseases and restore the energy that was being leached away by the issues mentioned above. As a form of therapy, lithotherapy supports foster self-knowledge, inner strengthening, and awakening of physical and spiritual energies and virtues within the body. According to lithotherapy, different stones have specific energetic vibrations that are usually linked to their chemical compositions and colour. This means that if a stone is placed in a room or worn in the form of natural stone jewellery, it gives off an energy that will have different effects depending on the person wearing it.

Therapeutic virtues of diamonds

Diamonds offer numerous healing benefits hence the reason why they are used in lithotherapy. To begin with, the diamond is a symbol of purity, mainly because of its pure white colour. Traditional healers believed that the natural stone helps to bring people’s lives into a cohesive whole. The precious stone is also known to bring forth love and clarity within relationships and partnerships. They are considered a stone of fulfilment as they help carry the user towards fulfilling the user’s desires and dreams. They have been used for centuries as a form of energy purifier because of the element of purity with which they are associated. They also help to foster strength and endurance, especially when it comes to different energies within the body. They work by enhancing power like most crystals. Diamonds are also a sign of commitment and fidelity. They help to instil the element of trust in relationships and situations. They also help to attract the manifestation of abundance. They are associated with the forces of accumulation, which allows them to make abundance possible. The natural stones are an excellent source for blocking mental pain and electromagnetic stress. They work by reducing fear, which is the leading cause of these issues. They also help promote new beginnings, hence assisting people in letting go of the past, bringing fear and stress. The stones also help to encourage creativity, ingenuity, and a broad sense. They do so by bringing the mind to a state of clarity and enlightenment hence promoting inventiveness. They help with spiritual evolution. They work by reminding the wearer’s soul of its aspirations. Therefore, they allow the soul to shine and thrive. Diamonds have also been associated with purifying and detoxifying benefits. They help to restore a balance in the body’s metabolism through elements like stamina and strength building. They are also beneficial in the treatment of chronic issues and allergies. For instance, they help with issues like glaucoma and sight problems. Other issues that they can be used to treat include vertigo and dizziness, among other brain-related conditions. Practitioners of lithotherapy believe that these stones can help to counteract the effects of poisoning. Additionally, they are considered to foster spiritual invisibility. This means that when you have this stone in contact with you or in your home, it helps to increase your strength and courage by helping you feel invisible. Using these stones during meditation helps rejuvenate the body and help you feel free and increase your self-worth. Their colour can also determine the healing benefits of these stones. To begin with, yellow stones are associated with a wide range of therapeutic virtues. The main ones are promoting thoughtfulness and considerate. Wearing yellow natural stone jewellery helps to promote thoughtfulness, which will also promote better relationships with partners and other people around you. The healing value of blue diamonds is that it helps to encourage strengthening of willpower. It also helps to inspire people to take better care of their health. It may not be directly involved with healing and treating illnesses, but it helps you take care of yourself, hence eliminating certain illnesses. For instance, if you are finding it hard to quit sugar, it will give you the willpower that will help you succeed. Pink is associated with creative expression. It helps to foster imagination and inventiveness. It is, therefore, a choice colour for creatives like artists and musicians, among others. On the other hand, black is associated with courage. It helps you to look at situations and things without any illusion. Therefore, it gives you the courage to face things as they are without sugar or colour coating.

How diamonds are used in lithotherapy

There are different ways in which these stones can be applied in lithotherapy. For one, they can be placed around on the lower back to eliminate kidney stones. The stone can also be placed on the skull. Doing so helps to bring alignment to the skeletal system. Wearing the stone in the form of earrings helps to foster communication from higher chakras. The stone tends to act as a bridge between chakras hence the communication benefits. Wearing jewellery made from this natural stone anywhere close to the heart helps foster its healing benefits since diamonds’ vibration frequency is exceptionally high. They can also be placed in different parts of the house to promote positive energy and foster good relations between the people living in the house. It is also worth noting that diamonds are believed to be extremely powerful. They are powerful enough to amplify the healing properties of other types of natural stones. For instance, they help accumulate and balance the energies that the stones have to offer. This means that if you have other precious stones in your house, you can amplify their energies using diamonds. They can also be exchanged between couples as a way of encouraging companionship and purity within their relationship. This is the main reasons why ancient civilization used this gemstone in occasions like engagements between couples.

History of diamonds

Diamonds are currently the most rigid type of natural stone in existence. They are also extremely beautiful. Their beauty can be attributed to the fact that they can disperse different coloured lights. They were first discovered in India back in the 4th Century BC. They are acquired through mining because they occur between 150 and 250 kilometres between the earth’s surface. Some types can be found as deep as 800 kilometres beneath the surface of the earth. Diamonds are formed in extremely high heat and pressure conditions. Because it is the hardest natural stone in existence, it is also highly sustainable. This means that it is the hardest gemstone to destroy. The only other gemstone that can cause as much as a scratch to diamonds is other diamonds. Therefore, it is an ideal gemstone for making jewellery because it can be put through very harsh conditions without having to worry about it being destroyed or losing its integrity. Diamonds are also originally hydrophobic. This means that they are water-repelling. With this stone, you do not have to worry about retaining water when or staying wet when they get into contact with moisture. This also helps to promote sustainability and durability. However, it is also important to note that diamonds are incredibly lipophilic. This means that they dissolve when they are introduced to fats. Therefore, you ought to keep your diamonds always from oil, least they become dull. Note that diamonds are very rare on earth. However, they are incredibly abundant in space because of the conditions up there.

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