Holidays are all about entertainment!


Come on! We forget school, homework, fatigue, work, and dogs are piled, cats, children and swimwear in the car ... towards the holidays! If you need inspiration to go on vacation this summer with your kids, look no further: we have listed for you 10 excellent destinations in France for the tribes. Each of these destinations offers everything you need to entertain dad, mom and children: beach, sip medieval culture and history, mountain ... The list is long. In addition, for each destination, it offers especially recommended hotel for families, because we know that there, you will receive a warm welcome and a customized service. Swimming pools, activities for kids and teens, baby beds, family rooms ... All these establishments are on the site, so do not wait: choose your destination in the summer for your family vacation!

Discover our articles in the series "family friendly" and "in-aid-I-need-of-vacation-sun-and-rest" The 15 Wonders of France to see in your life, Where to Go Holidays in this summer the sun, the Most Beautiful Beaches of France and the world and the best Parks in France, and also some Vacation Ideas Beach, City, or Adventure for Families! How to describe a holiday? Sun, sea and a Pastis for cocktails (for the parents, we hear). After Pastis (or rather before, is better), take a walk on the Cours Saleya, the beautiful pedestrian street of the city, or on the famous Promenade des Anglais.

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