Holiday breaks are crucial

Holiday breaks

It all depends on his state of tiredness, but ideally, it takes three consecutive weeks to have a good break. During the first week, a vacuum, is picked. But it was not until the second week we really begin to relax. The cumulative benefits of the first two weeks mean that in the third week, it is in optimal arrangements to fully recover and return to work great!

A rested employee will it be more efficient ?

The benefits of vacation benefit both the employer and the employee. Everyone wins. An employee who returns from vacation is more productive, more attentive, have better relationships with colleagues, will be less irritable, less stressed. Also, the number of weeks of vacation granted can greatly influence the hiring of an employee to his business.

Do not take vacation can it affect our health ?

Yes. Increases stress levels and we make it more vulnerable to burnout. Often we see that the victims of burnout have not taken a vacation for two or three years. The consequences are sometimes tragic. Taking a vacation is part of good industrial hygiene. There was a time when it was fashionable to say that we did not have time to take a break. This required a certain social status, a high-level job. But attitudes have changed. People are increasingly aware of the importance of caring for their mental health as they are concerned about their diet. Similarly we do not do is proud to eat three hamburgers for dinner, we did boasts over not to take holidays! Burnout is no longer taboo. We now know that it is not the result of weakness or greater vulnerability, but the result of poor management of labor. No one is immune.

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