Holidays for beginners

Prepare your holiday stay in an ideal way

Go on holiday for a change of scenery

Craving some time by the seashores, oceans and sandy beaches ? There are thousands of interesting destinations that can welcome you to their most beautiful, natural settings, campsites, seaside dwellings in Europe or elsewhere with direct access to the most stunning beaches!

Easy to book holidays

The definition of Vacation

The word "vacation" comes from a Latin word (vacare) meaning "free" or "spare time". There's nothing more to say on that.

A time away from work

Fully disconnect from reality and the stressful routine and focus on yourself and your family to turn any spare time into a revitalizing one !

Holidays and well-being

Take care of your body, eat when hungry and sleep when tired, simple as that. Define exactly what you want and go for it !

Book a last-minute holiday

Yes, you can find great last-minute deals with a few clicks to spend some memorable time by the sea or in the mountains.

Holiday physical activities

Holiday physical activities

Holiday preparations : learn how to proceed !

Learn how to prepare your holiday in the simplest and most efficient way thanks to the tips and tricks provided on and enjoy some memorable time away from daily life with family, friends or a lover…

Holiday physical activities
  • Enjoy physical activities and think about your mental well-being as well ! you can enjoy more activities for more holiday experiences !
  • Switch off all your devices and enjoy living the present moment through the best and the unforgettable holiday travel !
  • Surround yourself with the people you love during your holiday ! Ideal for family stays or holidays with friends, choose one of the many Ile de Re rentals

Go for an unusual holiday stay !

Do something you’ve never done before and you never thought you would do.

Focus on what to do during your holiday stay and empty your mind of those daily concerns and issues.

Dare to go to unknown places and odd spots, follow a painting course, try to discover remote lands and visit cities where you’ve never been before.

Don’t hesitate to take part in unusual activities !

What’s important about holidays and how to prepare your stay depending on your preferences… Find out about it in our website !

There are countless holiday cottages all over the world so it’s no surprise that many of them fall into the category of being just a little dull and generic.

But these days we all want something more from our holiday properties, which is why there is such growing demand for unique holiday cottages – places which offer us something different, something distinctive, something memorable.